1 Class $20.00

6 Class Card $110.00


R & R Dance Center 

15359 Cohasset St

Van Nuys, CA 91406 


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11:30- 12:15pm 

"This program provides a wonderful opportunity for special needs students to enjoy music and dance while interacting with their families. I found that I wanted to join in the festive activities myself. It was difficult to sit on the sidelines and just watch."

- Brad Lapin - Jay Nolan Community Services
- Community Living Coordinator

"Dani has more bounce in her step than ever before! Upon completion of just one session of Autism Movement Therapy a friend commented that she had never heard Dani speak more clearly and so completely. …After 19 years of therapies and endless searching for a way to “tap in” to my daughters trapped thoughts so that she can organize and verbally express her learned and creative abilities, Joanne Lara has given us renewed hope. Joanne’s forty-five minute class is fun for young children, teens, and young adults. The constant movement requiring the sequencing of the right and the left hemisphere of the brain is accompanied by a variety of music selections and Joanne’s energetic spirit. Dani looks forward to every “dance class” and enjoys following Joanne’s video at home. Dani’s expressive vocabulary seems to be easier to access and a little more sophisticated each week. As Dani’s mother, I now have a little more bounce in my step…thank you Joanne!"


Kathy Levenson, Agoura Ca.

Did you know that rapid movement activates the amygdala, the brain's emotion center and that up and down, forward and sudden halt, and side to side movements help to organize the brain, making an individual more available for learning


Temple Grandin PhD, well known author, professor at Colorado State University and on the autism spectrum herself, tells us that "repetitive rocking motion that requires a person to continually find and refind their balance stimulates areas of the brain where learning receptors are located."

Laura James from Global Resort Network & TVI Express says:

"Over the past 8 years, I have worked almost every day to help my daughter with issues related to her having autism. I am truly grateful because she has improved greatly since being diagnosed at the age of 2. Along the way, a variety of autism therapies have been tried. Three of the most effective have been RDI (Relationship Development Intervention), Autism Movement Therapy and horse riding therapy. I am going to write another blog post soon about a meeting between the leaders of RDI and Autism Movement Therapy. For now, I want to focus on Autism Movement Therapy. Simply put, my daughter loves this program. I do too."


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