Testimonials (continued)

"Joanne, we see you everyday via the AMT DVD. It is helping Avraneil to move his body parts. Your energy, your teaching, everything is so special, it is a treasure for me. See you soon. Love light and fun." - Sangeeta Kundra Choudhury, mother, Mumbai, India

"Programs like Joanne's Autism Movement Therapy offer opportunities for our kids to develop the necessary and fundamental skills that benefit all our kids. Art saved my life!"

- Temple Grandin, PhD

"Realizing that the arts of movement and music are important to all, Joanne elevates this vital component of intervention to new levels. People on the autism spectrum (as well as everyone else) need to move!"

- Stephen Shore Ed D, on the autism spectrum, Professor of Special Education, Adelphi University. Internationally known author, consultant, and presenter on issues related to autism

"I don't know where to begin. But Jess & I want to give a BIG thank you for this past weekend. We could not have asked for a better experience. After the seminar we went out to dinner & could not stop talking about AMT & bringing it to the Philly area. We are so pumped about your program. What you have created is awesome & you should be so proud of your accomplishments. After seeing you in action I think you are doing what you were meant to do. You are so inspiring and empowering to children, parents and people like me. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Jess & I plan to offer AMT this summer. I'm sure we'll have a gagillion questions. So we'll be in touch. Thanks again & we like the way you think!"

- Denise Gucwa, Cert Workshop June 19 29 LA Denise Gucwa’s School of Dance gucwadance@comcast.net

"Joanne Lara is a true expert in the field of autism. She has a remarkable knowledge, education and experience base from which she has developed and created Autism Movement Therapy as a new conceptual practice. This practice can assist children with autism by using movement to create both habit and brain chemistry changes. These important changes can assist children with help in reaching various milestones in their learning. I attended a workshop with her in Chicago, Illinois in March 2010 where I was able to see her fully engage young autistic students. Her rapport and professionalism with parents is also highly noteworthy. I highly recommend both Joanne Lara and Autism Movement Therapy." 
Bob Hudson, MA, M Ed Intervention Specialist--Special Education & Gifted K-1st Grade  Autism & Multiple Exceptionalities Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD)

“The beauty of this book is that Joanne breaks down AMT ® for all those interested in not only delivering a music and movement program but one specifically designed for individuals on the autism spectrum, including pedagogy and Best Practices ideology."

Erica Frailey-Matthews, The Autism & Movement Project

"Wish you could be here right now! The dance room is full of our consumers dancing to yesterday’s music CD! They are having a ball. The whole staff is reacting to the happy music and they are in great moods. Maybe we should do this every day! LOL! Just wanted to say thanks for your efforts - it appears our consumers are going to get as much out of it as the staff did. I heard comments like, “that was the best workshop I have ever been to.” Cindy Schrader is taking some video on her phone. This workshop is one that has so much universal applications! It is good for the heart, it is good for the soul and it is excellent for those with Autism!!!!" 

- Lisa Gifford, Director Herkimer Area Resource Center, Herkimer, NY lgifford@herkimerarc.org

"The AMT Certification Training was awesome! You are sublime!! Thank you so much for your inspiration, graciousness, and generosity. This training was so much more than expected! I loved experiencing the movement class and how you provided explicit examples, scenarios and suggestions. I also loved how you merged the movement training with behavioral training using positive support strategies. I feel blessed to have experienced this training with you and all our amazing participants!!! YAY!!!"

Esther Hyun, Los Angeles Unified School District, Special Education Teacher

"Thought that the workshop was fantastic . I was interesting to see how music effects people on different levels and that it will be greatly effective with all disabilities. The workshop showed us how to adapt all strategies to fit anyone’s disability not just those with Autism .  The consumers that we have tried the program with have loved it, some of them have asked to have a copy of the CD so they can listen to it at home.  Joanne was wonderful, very energetic and made everyone feel at ease. Thanks again." 

Sheri Kominick, COTA, Herkimer, NY