“Autism Movement Therapy is a solid method we have chosen to integrate into our DRAGONFLIES program.  We have seen first hand the reorganizing of the brain. The students are opening up their minds to self expression, behaviors are decreasing and the non-verbal children are increasing in speech and language skills. Thank you Joanne, for creating a method that works.”
Julia Boyd,  Jacob’s MOM. Director of DRAGONFLIES Special Need Program 

"I think every family in the autism community should check out this program. In just one weeks time my grandson has done a complete 360 with his behaviors. I have also seen changes for the better in both receptive and expressive language areas, socialization and ability to transition without becoming over stimulated. Thank you Joanne!!!!"

Cheryl Miller (Grandmother), Top Notch Cheer Gym, Fremont, Ohio

"Wow, I was taken aback by Joanne’s class. It was great and I loved it, loved it, loved it. They are already using the program in the dance room here at Gail W. Brown Center. It has helped bring folks out of their shell who are not only Autistic but have other diagnosis as well. Thank you for an enlightening 2 days." 

- Kathy Berner, COTA  Herkimer, NY

"The movement Therapy is so simple to do & yet it clearly is very productive and necessary for development. If we had lots of fun learning and attending this 2 day training and I can’t imagine others not enjoying themselves as well. It wasn’t like we were working!"

- Teri Smith, Day Service Advocate, QMRP, Herkimer, NY

"I just love working with my students with your Autism Movement Therapy program. The kids enjoy the activities and are actually showing improvement! Some of us are thinking about offering it as a summer recreational class for communities in the area. Thanks again for such a valuable tool."  

- Ann Spina, Physical Therapist, Utica City School District, Utica, NY 13501 ASPINA@uticaschools.org

"Julia Boyd was gracious enough to share her time and talents in my classroom last year (2010-2011).  I was a teacher at the Neil Armstrong Program. My class consisted of students with severe learning issues—most testing in the moderately impaired range.  Her son Jacob was a student in my class.  He has Autism and we (Mom, school staff, EIU Speech, and many others) have been working to help Jacob improve his communication skills.  His improvement had been steady but in small increments.  I noticed marked improvements in Jacob’s eye contact and responses after Julia began exploring Autism Movement Therapy last year. All of the students in my class responded positively.  It was clear that they were highly engaged and so were the staff.   The listening skills of all the students showed improvement.  Jacob’s responses to questions continued to increase.  I believe that this therapy is a great tool that can show good results."

- Sue Miller Giacomini, Special Ed. Teacher, Charleston, Illinois

"Joanne is awesome...full of energy!! I have learnt so much from her. I found the workshop to be very motivating and informative. It was interesting to see how music and movement touches individuals on different levels and that it will be meaningfully effective with all disabilities. The workshop showed us how to adapt all strategies to fit anyone's disability not just those with Autism. That's the beauty of it!! The movement therapy is so simple to do & yet it is evidently very creative and essential for development. I had lots of fun learning and attending this 2 day training and it was so insightful and stimulating. The workshop has left me with a new confidence about strategies that I can use in my own sessions. Joanne I can't thank you enough for the knowledge you shared. Your experience has made me realize there is so much more that we can do for our children with special needs. You are wonderful and your energy has left me speechless but with the light on the path that I can walk on....." 

- Zill Botadkar, Arts Based Therapist/Counselor/EQ and Resource Educator/AMT Certified zillvb@gmail.com

"I absolutely loved the class and was so "high" on my ride home thinking about the class and the opportunities ahead. Your energy and enthusiasm are infectious--thanks for spreading it! I'm excited to have a new contact friend in the field and appreciate your willingness to stay connected for support in the future. You are awesome! I like the way you think!"

- Dee DiGioia Speech & Language Path, Mammoth Elementary School, Mammoth Lakes,Ca starfishdee@ymail.com

"Joanne is a terrific personality. She is kind hearted and sweet like 'gummy bears' . She has a clear, scientific and systematic approach of using music and movement with children. We had a terrific workshop and on day 1 we had children to work with Joanne. It was a treat to watch Joanne and children participating, enjoying and responding in their first class of AMT itself. I think it was MAGIC of Joanne and AMT." - Malavika Samnani, Consultant & Head, SOCH, Gurgaon (India) msamnani77@gmail.com

"I use your aut-erobics DVD daily, and I now have 2 students with autism that are responding very favorably to it." 

- Charlotte Mann, Special Ed teacher Downey School District, Ca

Testimonials (continued)